NEET Exam Irregularities: Priyanka Gandhi Demands Investigation

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has strongly criticized the Modi government regarding purported irregularities within the NEET medical entrance examination. She urged the government to address students’ complaints and conduct a thorough investigation to resolve the issue. Numerous NEET exam candidates have raised concerns about alleged mark inflation, with an unprecedented 67 individuals achieving the top rank, including six from a single examination center. The National Testing Agency (NTA), however, denied any irregularities and attributed the higher scores to changes in the NCERT textbooks and grace marks for lost examination time.

In a social media post, Gandhi expressed concern over the allegations and the reports of suicides among students following the exam results. She emphasized the need for the government to address these serious issues and provide answers to the legitimate questions raised by students. Gandhi questioned the government’s responsibility to investigate such irregularities and provide a fair solution.

The alleged irregularities have sparked widespread concern and demand for accountability from the authorities responsible for conducting the NEET examination. Candidates and their families have expressed dissatisfaction with the NTA’s explanations and continue to demand transparency in the investigation process. The outcome of the investigation and the government’s response to the allegations will have significant implications for the future credibility of the NEET exam and the education system as a whole.

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