Jetstar Launches Direct Flights Between Brisbane and Bangkok, Boosting Travel and Trade

Jetstar Announces Direct Flights Between Brisbane and Bangkok, Revolutionizing Travel and Trade

Jetstar has unveiled a significant expansion in its route offerings with the introduction of direct flights between Brisbane and Bangkok, commencing from December 13, 2024. This new service will be Jetstar’s 20th route to and from Brisbane, underscoring its commitment to broadening its reach and providing affordable travel options.

Operated by Jetstar’s fleet of widebody Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, the new route is expected to make a substantial impact on the travel and tourism industry by carrying over 100,000 passengers annually between the two cities. This direct flight, the only non-stop service between Brisbane and Bangkok, will drastically reduce travel time to just over 8 hours, approximately halving the journey compared to current indirect routes.

To celebrate the launch, Jetstar is offering a 24-hour sale with one-way fares from Brisbane to Bangkok starting at just $205. This initiative not only makes travel more accessible but also highlights Jetstar’s commitment to providing affordable options for travelers.

The introduction of this route is part of Jetstar’s broader expansion strategy in Brisbane, which has been significantly bolstered by the Queensland Government’s Attracting Aviation Investment Fund (AAIF) and strong support from Brisbane Airport. The new Brisbane-Bangkok route is a key component of Jetstar’s substantial expansion in Brisbane following its landmark partnership with Brisbane Airport in 2023. This agreement has facilitated the introduction of half a million new low-fare seats annually, including direct flights from Brisbane to other major cities such as Tokyo (Narita), Osaka (Kansai), Seoul (Incheon), and Auckland.

With the addition of the new Bangkok service, Jetstar continues to enhance its network, offering up to 22 flights each week between Australia and Thailand by the end of the year. Jetstar Group CEO, Steph Tully, expressed enthusiasm for the new route, stating that the three direct flights each week from Brisbane would offer unprecedented ease and affordability for travelers heading to Bangkok. This route not only commemorates Jetstar’s 20th year of operations but also highlights its ongoing efforts to deliver new routes and new aircraft, in collaboration with the Queensland Government and Brisbane Airport.

Queensland’s Minister for Tourism, Michael Healy, emphasized the strategic importance of this new direct route in light of the record numbers of visitors from Thailand to Queensland, especially as the region recovers from the impacts of COVID-19. Healy noted that Jetstar’s affordable fares would make Brisbane more accessible to international students and travelers from Asia, the UK, and Europe, leveraging Bangkok as a transit hub. Additionally, the new route is expected to bolster Queensland’s export economy, with air freight from Brisbane to Thailand reaching a record $46.5 million last year.

The introduction of this route is part of the success of the $200 million Attracting Aviation Investment Fund, which has secured 32 international routes since February 2022, further solidifying Queensland’s position as a key player in international aviation. Brisbane Airport CEO, Gert-Jan de Graaff, expressed delight at reconnecting Queensland and Thailand through this highly anticipated route. He noted that this direct flight has been the most requested service on Brisbane Airport’s social media over the past two years. The new service not only facilitates easier connections for families and friends but also presents significant opportunities for Queensland exporters, with up to 15 tonnes of freight capacity on each flight.

This expansion has propelled Jetstar from Brisbane Airport’s seventh-largest international carrier to the second-largest, reflecting the strong demand and value offered by the airline. Jetstar’s new direct flights between Brisbane and Bangkok are set to revolutionize travel between these two vibrant cities, providing significant economic benefits and enhancing connectivity. This expansion is a testament to Jetstar’s strategic vision and commitment to delivering affordable and convenient travel options, paving the way for a booming future in travel and industry.

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